"Courtney Sims" is an American professional basketball player with the Seoul SK Knights. He is a 6'11" (211 cm) 245 lb (111 kg) center (basketball)/center.

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I got a whole bunch of money, about $300. I've got to pay bills.

To be in first place is really hard to comprehend, but it feels great. Last year we were getting beat bad and now this.

I was trying to be more of a presence on defense. I wanted to be more active.

We keep coming close. We came close at Indiana, we came close at Illinois. We have to get past this little ? I don't know what it is ? and win some games.

The little things in the first half, I think that's what lost the game for us. We had silly turnovers, fouls on 3-point shooters, not blocking out (Brian) Randle and stuff. Stuff like that, we need to toughen up.

We feel we can be ranked higher than what we are. Our goal wasn't to be ranked at the beginning of the year, it was to win the Big Ten championship. We think we can be up there with the best of them. We feel we have just as much talent as anybody in the country.

I just knew I had to produce to help make this team be good. If I can produce, this team we have can be real dangerous.

We have to stay hungry. Our goal wasn't just to be ranked. Our goal is to win a Big Ten championship. We feel we're as good as anyone in the country.

We weren't executing in the first half and their (slow down) style of play kind of bothered us. Coach was on me about being more aggressive offensively and I listened to him.