We feel we're champions. We won fair and square. We beat them. We even beat them without our player. We did it. We didn't cheat. We didn't do anything wrong. We feel like winners. Our school, our coaches, and our administration are all winners.

What happened last year was probably one of the worst moments of my life. We were really emotional last year. We didn't want that to happen again.

It was definitely worth it. We deserved to play in that game. We didn't know it wasn't going to count. We deserved to be there again, it was best that we played.

Coach has said all yearlong that teams were going to try to stop [me] and Christie. And that [everyone] is going to have to make their shots. That's what they did tonight, and when they do that it makes us a dangerous team; it makes us a hard team to beat.

I'm used to basketball being a rough sport. This year it did get more difficult and I had more girls coming at me. It's something that you get used to and you have to deal with, and there's nothing you can do about it.