Cotton Mather
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"Cotton Mather", Fellow of the Royal Society#Fellows/FRS was a socially and politically influential History of New England/New England Puritan minister, prolific author and pamphleteer. Known for his vigorous support for the Salem witch trials, Mather also left a scientific legacy due to his Hybrid (biology)/hybridization experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention.

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The Word of God must be Read and Heard with Diligence that so you may arrive to the Knowledge that is needful for you.

I will now teach my son Increase (and others of my children) the way of raising a lesson out of every verse in his reading of the Bible; and of turning it into a Prayer; and engage him (and them) unto a daily Course in reading the Bible in such a way.

History is the story of events, with praise or blame.

Families are the Nurseries of all Societies; and the First combinations of mankind.

There may be some so very Ignorant, that they know not how to Pray.

The Spirit of Slumber which the Poison of the old Serpent has brought upon the children of Men is to be deplored exceedingly.

What Must I Do to Be Saved? It is impossible to ask a more weighty Question! It is deplorable that we hear it asked with no more Frequency, with nor more Agony.

Ah! destructive Ignorance, what shall be done to chase thee out of the World!