Through the fall and winter, he has shown a lot of improvement. I think he has shown that he can take control of that position if he would choose to.

I don't think we are a team we'd want to play because we've competed against everybody. Again, that's eight games ahead of us; it's hard to say what will take place from here.

Dustin did a great job to start with. He has, I think, a couple of 3-0 counts and came back and got guys out. We were sluggish to start with, but Dustin kept us in there. He didn't have good stuff, but he kept us in striking distance.

That's a three run error on the umpire.

You take a triple crown guy off your team, you're going to feel the effects. Conversely, I think we'll be stronger throughout the lineup this year.

He was probably not as sharp as he normally is.

That just gives [Jamestown] confidence. That's a big part of what's going on. This team, three games ago, had 20 hits against the University of Mary, so it's capable of doing it. Right now our confidence is just lacking.

I think, obviously, they played with confidence today. We know we can beat teams like this.

We can't give them extra outs. We're not going to score enough runs, where we can give a lot of extra outs, meaning errors.