Hell isn't an after-death experience. It's what we live every day.

Having Ingram back on the same side is a great feeling. Most guys don't have the chance to have their best friend on the same team in college.

The new coaching staff has brought new excitement to the team. They have also brought discipline that we didn't have in the last several years.

This is what we have to live with.

I think everybody has been coming out, playing their game, just contributing when they can, hitting open shots and just being a player.

It started in the locker room. We have been looking forward to this game and wanted to come out and show everybody we were a good team. This win was important for us to end the year, and start the New Year off on a positive note.

It just felt great for us to get out to a fast start, knowing that we wasn't down and knowing that they had to play catch up.

As long as the cops don't live in the area, they aren't going to care.

This is one of the biggest games of the season. We just have to come out, play our game, limit our turnovers, and play under control.