Colin Farrell
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"Colin James Farrell" is an Irish people/Irish actor. He first appeared on the BBC's TV drama Ballykissangel in 1998 and made his film debut in the Tim Roth-directed drama The War Zone a year later and was discovered by Hollywood when Joel Schumacher cast him in the lead in his war drama Tigerland (2000). He then starred in Schumacher's psychological thriller Phone Booth (film)/Phone Booth (2002) and the American thrillers S.W.A.T. (film)/S.W.A.T. and The Recruit (both 2003), establishing his international box-office appeal. During that time, he also appeared in Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi thriller Minority Report (film)/Minority Report (2002) and as the villain Bullseye (comics)/Bullseye in the Daredevil (film)/Daredevil superhero movie (2003). After starring in the independent films Intermission (film)/Intermission (2003) and A Home at the End of the World (2004) he headed Oliver Stone’s biopic Alexander (film)/Alexander (2004) and the Terrence Malick Pocahontas movie, The New World (2005 film)/The New World (2005).

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It's not that I'm stupid. I just don't think sometimes.

When we were kind of forced (by real life sniper murders in the Washington area that were too close to the film's plot) to pull the picture in October (from its Nov. 15 date), he wasn't nearly as big a star as he is today after 'Daredevil' and 'The Recruit.' He's become this hot guy.

I couldn't care less about who sees my bits... My friends asked how I could do scenes like that and not get excited, but it wasn't like that. My bits looked the size of a cashew nut!

I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. I don't have any plans. I don't have a map. If you did in this business, you'd destroy yourself.

I don't go to the gym or practice yoga. And the closest thing I have to a nutritionist is the Carlsberg Beer Company. I just have the appetite of a pigeon.

On shooting American Outlaws: I kept saying 'Bang bang' and they kept having to cut.

They were asking her to embody the spirit of America, so you don't put that on somebody's shoulders lightly. Having watched her, I think she can do anything. She has soulfulness that goes way beyond her years.

I'll be in Los Angeles for two weeks and I'll have a laugh, get battered and have a buzz, but at the end of the day, I'll go home. It's just me earning a few more stories to tell everyone at home and all.

I'm just a true Irish boy at heart.