Colin Edwards
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"Colin Edwards II" nicknamed the "Texas Tornado" is an American former professional Motorcycle sport/motorcycle racer who retired half-way through the 2014 season, but continues in the sport as a factory test rider. He is a two-time List of Superbike World champions/World Superbike champion and competed in the MotoGP class from 2003 to 2014.

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It's been nice to have a break -- I've spent some time on a fishing trip with my wife's family and some friends in the Gulf of Mexico and generally just enjoyed being at home for a while.

I like Brno, Motegi, Sepang, Qatar... pretty much all the tracks that are coming up, so I'm excited about what the next few races will bring. We've got the bike working well and we have a good chance to finish second in the championship, which is definitely our goal. Points are important to me -- I always aim to finish a race as high as possible, that's always been the way I race an.

[The tropically hot conditions that prevail at Sepang make life tough for tyres, but Michelin has always been up to the track's demands.] Sepang is one of those special places where you get a lot more wheelspin than normal, ... The hotter it is, the more wheelspin you get, so you just try to keep the bike in line, you have to think about conserving your tyres .

If you're doing MotoGP you get to spend a lot of time at Sepang.

I've never really done that great there but I enjoy the place. There's a couple of tricky parts, you've got to get a couple of sections right to get the lap time, like the fast downhill left at turn five, you've got to carry a lot of speed through there, then the same through the blind stuff after the hairpin (turn nine). If you get those sections right you can get.

It was really good to have a quick break from paddock life after an intense weekend in Japan.

[Riders can get so sideways at 14 that photographers and cameramen congregate there during winter testing to capture riders showing off for the cameras.] It's one of the funnest corners, it just kinda sets itself up like speedway! ... It's uphill, so you come up there and it automatically kicks out sideways. But you can always have fun on MotoGP bikes, doesn't matt.