"Colin Bell" Order of the British Empire/MBE, is a former England/English football (soccer)/football player who was born in Hesleden, County Durham, England. Nicknamed "The King of the Kippax" (after Manchester City F.C./Manchester City's Kippax Street terraced stand renowned for its singing) and Nijinsky II/Nijinsky after the famous racehorse (due to his renowned stamina). Bell is widely regarded as Manchester City's best ever player. The Colin Bell Stand at the City of Manchester Stadium is named in his honour.

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We just needed to beat the Poles which is what this England may have to do next Wednesday.

I think that's very important. He's not an ego person, or anything like that.

From the beginning, our goal with Juiced: Eliminator was to design the game from the ground up, creating the next evolution in the Juiced racing experience. While the game will be immediately recognizable to all Juiced fans, we're very excited to bring a new dimension to the brand by tailoring to the inherent capabilities of the PSP.

The decision to partner with THQ reflects the great relationship we have established over the past two years. Joining THQ marks an exciting step forward for us and will enable us to do what we do best -- develop cutting edge, innovative games.

With Juiced: Eliminator and the portability of the PSP, those sitting on the metro, on a train or at their desk, can pursue innovative new game-play modes, pink-slip and crew racing, delivering a red-line adrenaline rush strong enough to replace the morning coffee.

Once we have done that accreditation, it is a case of maintaining it. You are having to check that any tweak you are making to an existing product is not affecting Raising Standards.

He's very responsible. I ask him to make phone calls to the rest of the team, and he does it. He helps the other kids out at practice. He's a good kid. Smart, too.