Cole Gillespie
FameRank: 5

"Cole Braden Gillespie" is an American professional baseball outfielder who is in the Miami Marlins minor league organization. He is from Portland, Oregon.

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Dallas didn't have his best stuff tonight. But we know that if we just stick with it, we're going to put some runs on the board and we're going to end up winning this game.

That's kind of what it's about as a team. We've got to pick each other up.

He was very nice, great to us.

It wasn't too late. We knew if we just stayed at it and chipped away and got a few here and there, that we were going to come back and win this game.

I'm a little banged up but I'll rest it this week and get it ready for the weekend. I fully expect to play regardless if there's pain or not.