Claudio Reyna
FameRank: 5

"Claudio Reyna" is a retired American association football/soccer player and the current director of football operations for New York City FC.

He was the captain of the United States men's national soccer team/United States men's national team before retiring from international football following the U.S.'s exit from the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He is widely considered one of the greatest players the United States has ever produced. Reyna last played for New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer, where he was team Captain (association football)/captain.

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They're in Europe this year, ... They play really good attacking soccer. That's the way Keegan likes playing. There's a lot of good players in the club. Everything about it is exciting, the training ground, the stadium, the whole package.

I think the worst is behind us.

Saturday was 90 minutes when people would judge whether we were the real deal, ... I think we are. There is no doubt we have taken another big step as a team.

I just turned 30, ... and a three-year contract with a club like Manchester City just seems perfect.

It's a healthy rivalry that has improved both teams. There's respect but there's also a huge desire to beat them. Always.

For such a long time they dominated us, but over not only the last five or six years, but the last 10 years, it's been pretty equal. I think it's a bit insulting to them because soccer is the one and only sport in this country, and for us to beat them on a consistent basis, it's probably something they don't like.

Saturday was 90 minutes when people would judge whether we were the real deal.

I think it's terrible. It's a bad call. It's a shame. They should have given him a warning.

It was a great milestone to reach. It makes it a whole lot better to get a win, a convincing win.