Claudia Jones
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"Claudia Jones", née "Claudia Vera Cumberbatch", was a Trinidad and Tobago/Trinidad-born journalist. As a child she migrated with her family to the US, where she became a political activist and black nationalism/black nationalist through Communist/Communism, using the false name Jones as "self-protective disinformation". As a result of her political activities, she was deported in 1955 and subsequently resided in the United Kingdom. She founded Britain's first Black newspaper, The West Indian Gazette, in 1958.

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If anything is going to halt necessary investments in next generation networks it will be Congress dictating business models to companies.

Some of them are further along than others.

We will be filing something seeking similar regulatory treatment.

The people in Englewood should not suffer because they have a congressman on the Energy and Commerce Committee.

It's gotten a whole lot rougher out here. It used to be quiet out here. It's not like that anymore. It's like the projects really.

Cable cannot dispute the fact that they've incessantly raised rates. Cable rates continue to rise because they lack meaningful competition.