There are essentially no craters visible at all. Instead, there are rocks and boulders covering much of the body. And then there are the remarkable flat areas.

You don't want to nudge it until you know what the nudge is going to do.

But there are more asteroids out there, so we should be paying attention.

The seniors have never made the states. You could tell that their energy was real high.

Catherine picked up her points this game. I was happy with the team effort.

Remember this is a proof-of-concept engineering mission, not a science mission. We really do have to learn how to operate in the vicinity of an asteroid if we are ever going to use them for space resources or if we are going to have a reliable capability to deflect a dangerous one.

Our guards have been doing that up front all year, putting pressure on the ball. It was a tremendous defensive effort. Each kid did a little something out there.

You don't have to change the course of the comet very much to miss the keyhole if you do it a number of years in advance.