Clarence Seedorf
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"Clarence Clyde Seedorf" is a Dutch former Association football/footballer and former Manager (association football)/manager of A.C. Milan regarded by many as one of the best midfielders of his generation. Seedorf was a complete, versatile and gifted player, who possessed excellent technique, ball skills, passing, vision, strength, stamina, and outstanding physical attributes, which allowed him to play in several midfield positions. He was also an elegant creative player, and an excellent dribbler and crosser of the ball, who could also contribute with goals due to his powerful, accurate shot from distance. Seedorf is one of the most decorated Dutch players ever. He is considered the most successful player in Champions League history as he is the first and the only player to have won the UEFA Champions League/Champions League with three different clubs – AFC Ajax/Ajax in 1994–95 UEFA Champions League/1995, Real Madrid C.F./Real Madrid in 1997–98 UEFA Champions League/1998 and A.C. Milan/Milan in 2002–03 UEFA Champions League/2003 and 2006–07 UEFA Champions League/2007. In 2004, he was chosen by Pelé as part of the FIFA 100.

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I faced them and I said: say what you want, but do not insult my family or I will truly get angry.

Do we need a miracle? Yes, and why not? It will be a difficult and complicated game against a great opponent.

Today's victory was important for our condition, morale and conviction.

They didn't know it was my home, I've only lived there for a few months. Yes, they did recognize me.

After winning the Champions League three times, I think I can allow myself to say that I'm not afraid of anyone.

We are having a really positive season and hope we'll achieve something important.

It's a known fact that the two presidents have their problems, but Berlusconi has always asked us to be a team respectful of its opponent, on the field and off, and to win with your feet, not with your mouth.

We created more opportunities than our opponents and this gives us confidence for the return leg.

We will do everything to get three points, seeing as how the first leg went.