"City High" was an United States/American Contemporary R&B/R&B/hip hop music/hip hop trio consisting of rappers/singers Ryan Toby, Robbie Pardlo and Claudette Ortiz. City High is best known for their song, "What Would You Do?/What Would You Do?", which earned a Grammy Award/Grammy nomination.

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We talked about 'being back' at the pep assembly and that is what we are now.

That's an advantage for our O-line, ... Because it confuses the D-line. They never know what's going to come next.

There's no question that our first half was very, very impressive, ... I sit back and say, 'Wow, that's a pretty good football team.'

He's getting more consistent, ... He hits it as long as anybody in the conference, which gives him somewhat of an advantage.

You've got to be tough to play center because every play you have to come up and be able to identify the defense and get your other linemen set up and make sure they know who they have to block, ... At the same time it's the hardest position to block because for the first second or so you only get to use one hand because you're snapping the ball. It's both mentally and physically demanding.

He was the anchor of our line last year, ... He's always been mentally tough. That's why he was able to play as a sophomore. He's just so tough that he's able to put up with the things that go along with it, tough practices and coaching and all of that.

[So] bring a lawn chair, come on down, ... It's going to be the social event of the year.

They were gaining some momentum there but overall I still felt we were in pretty good shape, ... I felt a lot better after that.

We've told them we've got kids in college and one in the pros. They know that now. These young kids showed tonight that they are no longer young.