"Chuck Wright" is an United States/American bassist, best known as a member of heavy metal band Quiet Riot. He originally joined Quiet Riot in 1982, performing bass on the track "Metal Health (song)/Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" from their 1983 hit album, Metal Health, as well as contributing backing vocals. He left and rejoined Quiet Riot multiple times, including in August 2006 to support the album Rehab (Quiet Riot album)/Rehab as well as on current tours with the reformation of the band after the passing of front man Kevin DuBrow.

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On our road to five (wins), we had to have this one. We told the guys this week that we've played too hard not to get paid. I told them that it's Friday night. It's time to get paid.

We had several opportunities to score in the game, but we couldn't make the big play on offense.

He's a solid player. This is something that we've expected out of him all year long. I'm glad to see him get recognition for all of the things he does for us.

He always did the job - most of the time better than any of the others. There's no doubt he went out kicking and screaming. He was a policeman.

The kids are bouncing back. They left everything on the field the last two weeks, and they'll keep coming back.

That is a very, very good football team. We ran into a buzz saw and that game got out of hand pretty quick.

There were so many big plays. We just came up one big play short. Just inches short.

We just didn't take care of some drives when we needed to.

I love to pass the ball. But if the run is there, I'll take it.