Chuck Comeau
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"Charles-André "Chuck" Comeau" is a French Canadian musician, who is best known as the drummer and percussionist for pop punk band Simple Plan.

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I want to date you. You think it's just a joke, but it's not a joke.

We've been very fortunate not to be a 'firecracker band' that blows up and goes away.

People thought I was crazy, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, ... People here have a great work ethic, an innate loyalty that's different from other places with more of a transient population.

A lot of bands talk shit about us.

They came to watch us every night, and we became good friends. They'd come to our shows in San Francisco when they were home and we'd go to see them when they were in Montreal. We got along really well and I think it showed a lot of integrity on their part because they got to know us instead of going on what their fans think.

Rancid are real punk-rock dudes, you know, but they came out with the opposite attitude.