Chuck Armstrong
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"Charles G. Armstrong" is an United States/American Attorney at law (United States)/attorney and former officer of the United States Navy, best known for his 28 year tenure as president of the Seattle Mariners Major League Baseball club, a position from which he stepped down on January 31, 2014.

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The end of a generation.

This is the end of a generation that remade and saved baseball in Seattle. He's the last connection to that miracle 1995 team.

Felix will not pitch for Venezuela. We felt it best that given his youth and inexperience that it would be far better for him to be with our club in spring training.

Danny's the last of that generation of players that saved baseball in Seattle. Of the 34 postseason games this team has played, Dan Wilson started 30 of them.

We're aware of it. There's no question after two seasons of 90-plus losses, fans don't necessarily feel that.

Bart is a tremendously talented individual with an exceptional intellect, coupled with a strong work ethic and a healthy dollop of grounded common sense. He brings another well-needed executive dimension to our management team.

I'm steering away from (heavy marketing of) Felix because of the pressure on him, and because his head may get too big. He's got that gleam in his eye. As he matures, he's going to be a handful. He'll push the envelope.

It's just stupid and unacceptable to the Mariners. This has sullied the reputation of the Seattle Mariners, and for that it's terribly disappointing. We'll try to eradicate this, and we'll take strong internal action against the transgressors.