"Chuck Adams", is a former professional tennis player from the United States. He achieved a career-high singles ranking of World No. 34 in 1995.

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He needs a million dollars to be able to be noticed.

I don't really judge it by wins. My personal goal is a .500 season. I don't set that goal for them. Their goal is to give me everything they have and learn as much as they can this season.

We really do face an incredible leadership vacuum in this state generally.

The same thing is happening on the barrier islands, like Longboat Key and Anna Maria, when you have a red tide in the area, ... But the data is not at a fine enough resolution to tease out the economic impact.

It's pretty brazen.

When we found out that J.P. would not be available for the season, we recognized an opportunity to get David and we went for it, David is a strong athlete who is getting better every day. He can play singles and doubles, he gets you some easy points with his big lefty serve, and he works hard in practice. We will make him feel right at home here in New York.

Manhattan Associates' solutions have enabled us to transition our distribution operation from a warehouse that stored $4 million of goods to a true distribution center that manages just over $1 million of goods at any given time. Our products are now where they should be--within reach of our customers.

Up there, we were able to show a very significant impact because the economies are more compressed around the beach, ... The local (Manatee-Sarasota) economy is not as diverse.