In an emergency situation and out of an abundance on caution, we took the action that we did. It is easy to second-guess after the incident has occurred.

The plane had finished taxiing and passengers were preparing to deplane when the passenger opened a right catering door and jumped out of the plane.

We do take the cleared list very seriously, and it's also important for us to focus on the right people. It does us no good to focus on the wrong John Doe.

Today is obviously a very busy day in Augusta because of traffic generated from the Masters.

Our first priority is to prevent these breaches from occurring at all.

He was agitated during the flight, but complied with the flight attendants.

We are continuing to work with the airport, and our hope is they will come into full compliance with our regulations.

He was so funny. He was our unofficial tour guide. I was surprised how much he knew (about Germany and France).

The controllers and system worked in harmony to keep a safe runway. It shows the effort of the FAA to marry the abilities of the controllers with technology for the safety of the public.