They have some new products coming in the US and Europe, which should help.

We're not too worried about the situation, as Suzuki's fundamentals and growth prospects are solid.

We have some good expectations for Nissan for the coming year based on a richer U.S. product cycle.

Things are basically good for Toyota.

Toyota is looking to do with hybrids what Volvo did with safety, trying to get people to pay more for hybrids. It is very similar to the debate a couple years back, whether you want to have air bags or not. American automakers were fighting it tooth and nail. Volvo got people to pay for it.

Cutting out Okazaki says we are not in the registered car market.

Setting those two issues aside, we would have seen a pretty nice rise.

This is probably the right way to go for them, but it's a riskier proposition than Lexus was for Toyota.