All clients are thoroughly screened before starting weight training, everyone must first obtain a (physician's) approval.

Nextel Partners has a lot going for them. Sprint Nextel didn't have a choice either.

She is an example to dyslexic people and what you can do in the world, ... I can remember going through middle school struggling. I was on my own.

One of the big and troubling trends of recent years is that we've been shifting away from focusing on grants to loans.

We heard reports they were kept in the dark for about four hours and were celebrating for three our four hours and later told this horrifying information.

Citations are an acknowledgement of intellectual debt. The impressive number of citations these exceptional researchers have received is evidence of their profound influence on modern scientific thought.

I have quite a few of my own techniques.

It's certainly reasonable. Sprint Nextel wanted to pay less and Nextel Partners was obviously looking for more.

Our annual roundup of the hottest research celebrates those scientists making a significant impact. Having authored multiple Hot Papers is an achievement of the highest level, as it truly demonstrates their impact on modern scientific thought.