If this attack is launched soon, ... the devastation to the American economy alone could easily far exceed that of the September 11 attacks and could be equivalent to the detonation of a small nuclear device on American soil.

Witness after witness told us they did not feel they had been victimized and that Phillips Roofing had performed a necessary service for a fair price.

Unbelievable was absolutely my first reaction and my second thought was to my son Christopher, that was a slap in the face.

The AG's office was determined not to get caught unaware again. Investigators were crawling all over Charlotte County looking to make an example of unlicensed contractors.

An individual who did not live in any of the neighborhoods where Phillips Roofing was working, (nor) was a customer, called authorities. He saw Phillips was using donated materials to do dry-ins. The materials were often provided by customers and, when they weren't, Phillips didn't charge for anything but labor.

What Larry can get back, ... is his reputation.

Rising petrol prices and reduced domestic travel is a concern for regional Australia as few tourists will be passing through country towns, staying in local hotels and contributing to local economies and jobs.

They're into their brats and beer.

Recently, I was shocked by the death of Boone on Lost . As written, his character was a good man. He was always doing his best to help others. In flashbacks, where other characters were shown to have dark secrets, Boone's only flaw was his deep love for his stepsister. Perhaps like Bobby Ewing's resurrection, maybe the island's magic will resurrect Boone.