It's a big celebration but I wanted to work with the archives into the future.

It is the clash of two different worlds that makes British-ness unique - we have an aristocratic, noble history, but it is always contrasted with something rebellious.

I think we're in a quiet time right now. Luxury can be in the fit.

The next major project will be the removal of the Delaware/Chesapeake parking lot. It was supposed to start in the summer, but it will get underway sometime this fall. It'll improve the campus community in terms of beautification. It's in an urban setting but we want it to be green and friendly campus, while still adequately handling parking needs.

Overall, the building is in very good shape: the air conditioning is functioning, and the roof is good. The athletic areas just need to be set up, and offices need to be reconfigured.

It's not sober, but a little bit pensive. We have to think of the future.