That was the defining thing to me about the whole trip - man did that, not Mother Nature.

We just never say die.

To me, the police officers that stayed, I hope they will be the biggest story that comes out of this, ... Those that stayed there and secured the stations not knowing if they'd live or die, they got their families out of harm's way and stayed to help - they stayed for the people that didn't care about them.

We're just going to pick up where we left off last year, ... The girls get along well and they've already gelled. They play well together, and we have a lot of strong younger players filling in our holes.

Don't point your f -- gun at me!

I was happy with what I saw.

That was totally unprofessional, pointing their guns at us like that, ... The Army has been patrolling this street for a week, and they know what's going on here. All the police had to do was ask them, and they would have known everything they needed to know about this street.

We didn't play aggressive enough. We made a lot of mistakes, and we weren't able to shake it off.

It's nothing like on TV, ... On the way down there we knew we had no idea what it was going to be like. I've been shot at before in life, and it wasn't as intense as what I saw.