He always wanted to run a marathon when he was at school. My recommendation was: Give it a few years after you graduate. You have to develop.

It wasn't too pretty in Florida, but it was spring training and you're just trying to work on your stuff. You come to this part of the season and now you have to execute. It's what I did. I just threw it where it needed to be.

We work all month for these two days.

Chris kept us in the game. He did a pretty nice job. We just made too many mistakes.

But he just seems to have an engine . . . that allows him to run marathons pretty well. He's also very solid. He had very few injuries in college, a little bit of a calf problem freshman year, that was it.

Don't touch it, don't pick it up.

He was really instrumental in getting this event started.

There's no university policy that I am aware of [about contraceptives], but we're an independent clinic that works in concert with UTC.

We do this is in the spirit of Easter. There's a need for fellowship — especially at a time like this.