It's an unpatriotic thing to say, but I honestly believe if South Africa won the toss and batted first, you wouldn't have seen all these records fall.

DJs came in and just played tapes. They didn't need a band.

If we get the full four inches that would be a rare event.

Snow and rain will be mixed in (Crescent City).

I'm willing to work. That's all I want. A job and a place to stay. I have to start from scratch. It's hard. I'm here living on everyone's help and I don't want that.

I was concerned. [Black] was cooling off, and I had three of my starters on the bench.

The artists that we listened to were from Chicago, Detroit, down South. When you heard us, it was a Northern sound. That's why back in the early '50s and '60s [audiences] could hardly believe we were black.

We expect over 9 million consumers to view the Heineken ads while visiting our locations and browsing for music on our jukeboxes, with hundreds of thousands of these consumers actively engaging in a Heineken and Grammy sponsored interactive activity. Heineken is definitely ahead of the curve when it comes to on-premise, new media applications.

I'm going home and make me some phone calls and get me a job. Somebody will hire me before it's over.