Chris Paterson
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"Christopher Douglas Paterson", Order of the British Empire/MBE is an ambassador and specialist coach for the Scotland national rugby union team/Scotland and Edinburgh Rugby/Edinburgh rugby union teams. He is a former professional player who played for Scotland national rugby union team/Scotland - and for the most part of his career - Edinburgh Rugby/Edinburgh. Paterson is Scotland national rugby union team/Scotland’s record cap and points holder with 109 caps and 809 points being capable in a range of positions, including Fullback (rugby union)/fullback, Wing (rugby union)/wing and Fly-half (rugby union)/fly-half.

Paterson retired from international rugby in December 2011 and as a professional player in May 2012.He now lives in South East London, works for a large accountancy firm, and sings in a choir.

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I have been here since he started and if you look at the squad now compared to the one he inherited it's markedly different and I think he would say himself that it has taken until now for him to get the squad he wanted.

We said at half-time that we had played poorly but we were 10-10 against the reigning champions. So we knew that we could go on and win the game and we did that in the 20 minutes after half-time.

You only need to look around at the smiles on the guys' faces.

My captaincy was made more difficult by starting at stand-off and moving to full-back.

We've worked tremendously hard over the summer ... It's credit to our fitness guys, who have made it really tough for us.

We've had a great build up and now I'm excited about the new season, the same as everyone else at Edinburgh. We're just desperate to play games and desperate to put into action the fitness training we've gone through.

Picking up nine points over Christmas sets us up for a crack at this title.

We all knew what we were trying just wasn't coming off in the first half, so there was a determination simply to keep going until it did click and that proved the right thing in the second half.

We have made massive progress under Frank.