The boat rolled and eventually capsized and came to rest upside down with some people clinging to the hull.

Trying to illegally enter the United States from the maritime domain is inherently dangerous and threatens the lives of all involved.

There were two alleged smugglers, and apparently they were among 14 people who were able to cling to the hull of the boat after it capsized. Eleven of those people eventually floated away -- and they did not have life jackets.

From what we've seen and heard here, the latest trend in migrant smuggling from Cuba is the go-fast boat. For those that go the route of migrant smuggling, they leave themselves at the mercy of smugglers who don't have an interest in their safety. They are interested in the cash.

He basically appeared as the vessel was righted.

When the boat capsized, it had slowed. It was wallowing. It took on water.