He couldn't have asked for much more from his body. He did the best he could.

They have three outstanding kids, and Barlow is one of them. It was scoreless, and Pearson was wrestling with one of the best.

Mike lost to a really good kid.

Mike lost at 133, but on the other hand, we won two overtime matches (Sean Pearson and 152 and Alex Pearson at 171), and Danny Williams (13-0) wins with 10 seconds left (at 189). They won eight bouts, and we won six.

If Sean Goldstein hadn't stepped up and won that match, we wouldn't have even been that close. That was a 9-point swing. He beat a quality kid. Alex had a 10-0 lead, but he ran out of gas. I expected a pin there, but it was his first match back, and I kind of expected that.

I really didn't think fourth was bad at all.

He's getting better and better. He made a big leap.

Danny is looking forward to the districts (District 17) and region (Region 5) tournaments. I was joking with him about waiting until there was 15 seconds left in the match to go ahead.

Somebody like Andrew Goldberg might miss out, but we'll have to work it out. It will definitely give me a lot of flexibility.