"Chris Low is a former professional ice hockey player. Low began his junior hockey career with the Swift Current Broncos, and played professional for a number of teams including the Oklahoma City Blazers, and the Colorado Eagles.

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With three negative reports in a row, it's ugly. What we are seeing is two things: it is the storms and a pre-existing condition that came with the end of auto discounting. Part suppliers and their raw materials suppliers benefited from auto sales incentives.

Retail sales are expected to be down, but worry about Producer Price Index and Consumer Price Index releases Thursday and Friday could keep any bond market rally in check.

Your typical economic recovery is a virtuous cycle of spending, job creation, investments and more spending. Each one fuels the other.

We suspect that if the economy remains as soft as it has been lately, the Fed may very well decide a break is in order somewhere along the way.

The Fed would only pause on the GM news if there were some indication that the news threatens the health of the economy as a whole or the health of the financial markets as a whole.

What's striking is how much it looks like the statement from the last three meetings.

The bottom line - despite the minus sign in front of the number, (payrolls) are a lot better than we thought.

I would think that certainly some of the discretionary spending would drop. There will be those who think twice about driving at all.

He does not want a rapid break in bond prices to snuff out the jobs recovery before it has a chance to catch hold.