"Christopher Scott Kramer" is an American professional basketball player from Huntington, Indiana. He played collegiately with the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball/Purdue University Boilermakers. Chris participated with the 2010 Milwaukee Bucks training camp and played in the NBA Development League for the Fort Wayne Mad Ants in the 2010–11 season. In June 2012 he signed a contract with the German pro team EWE Baskets Oldenburg.

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'World of Warcraft' is completely owning the online game space right now.

Our offensive line played great and dominated up front. We got holes and great push, and Vining was running hard and over people and getting extra yards.

Instead of closing our eyes, turning our back on (real-money trading), and just hoping it will go away, we instead decided to embrace it and make it legal or sanctioned for those who wanted to take part in it. It's a big experiment for us. It seems to be working out.

I think it's a cool idea, but it probably won't get off the ground, ... There are a million nifty high-tech ideas that just don't catch on.

We were going to donate something. This puts a personal touch on it.

World of Warcraft is completely owning the online game space right now. Look, Matrix Online is good, but it's like being in the early '90s and trying to put a fighting game up against Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter; it's just not going to happen. There are a lot of other online games that are just sucking wind right now because so many people are playing WOW.

There are only so many fingers we have for the hole in the dike.