Economic divide in this country that we are fighting as a group to address.

If Wal-Mart chose to do the right thing every day, they wouldn't need a super-secret public relations strategy.

All these initiatives are good for Wal-Mart but they don't address the core problems that they create for their workers and their communities.

We don't want to destroy Wal-Mart. We want to change it, to make it a decent, humane company, which it could easily do. We're not going to rest or sleep one bit until that happens.

Our hope is that what comes from this is that Wal-Mart will take seriously our concerns and millions of people who want to see Wal-Mart do the right thing every day.

What this truly is, is a publicity stunt meant to repair a faltering public image.

We don't need additional studies to show us what we already know. Instead of supporting conferences, it should focus on its core problems and failures that it knows already exists.

You can?t just be the one who criticizes; you have to be the one who offers a new road.