He's got the potential to be a pretty decent pitcher. He throws strikes, throws the ball hard. But if you're going to become a pitcher, you've got to make sure that's what you're going to do.

We were told that Jeffery had potential for violence. There is no indication here that there was any problem removing the children from the home and the parents were not arrested.

He's done everything asked of him. He started here as a body, and then after that he earned his right to be a part of this team.

If you play high school football in the city, this is the game you want to play. We're looking forward to it. It should be an electric atmosphere. It's the way all high school football games should be.

This is affecting hundreds of homes and businesses.

Just to be able to play every day in stadiums like this.

[Ivan wiped out $300 million worth of homes and businesses. But having fewer homes for sale] turned what was already a hot market into an inferno, ... All of that appreciation was in the land.

That's how they became city centers. Both of them can accommodate new commercial and residential development without acquiring more land and spreading out.