We're serious about this. We want to be great cocktail party chatter, a great informative read. We are not a textbook.

The reality is we're in a different marketplace, because general-interest magazines have come and gone.

Africa is not just a place; it's a million places. It's a million voices, ... We felt no one photograph could capture the mystery, the diversity and the surprise of Africa as it moves forward. Our issue is a very forward look at Africa.

That's why we say, 'Whatever you thought, think again.' Get rid of your misconceptions about Africa. Let African voices talk to you. We talked to the people … strong, honest, unfiltered voices from Africa.

Africa isn't one place. It's a million places. We felt that no single photograph could cover the depth of Africa.

We wanted something so people who are interested in the program can stay in touch. I think it's going to be especially useful for alumni who are out of the area now.

I always return from Africa energized and rejuvenated. … Largely because of the African voices -- the wisdom in those voices -- [I'm] energized and invigorated!

Africa is a million voices.

We want you to find stories that are relevant, [that] you can apply directly to your life. Surprising, in-depth, contextual stories that help us make good decisions about the future.