I guess I was the leading receiver for our team, but I'm not satisfied with my performance or how we played.

He told me if I ever got to play them, sell out.

He's been telling me, 'Y'all got to beat Auburn.' He calls me everyday with it. He's like, 'You got a good game plan?' And I'm like, 'Yes, sir.'

It was really good playing in front of friends and family. I've been looking forward to playing here all season. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the win.

David will kick PATs and short field goals. I will be doing long field goals, all kick offs and situational punts. I was going to kick all backed-up punts and all pooched punts. Pat and I will alternate open field kicks.

They got beat pretty bad. They (Auburn) lost a lot of people.

The proximity is still close, and it's still a draw from a tourism aspect. And being at the home of one of our league institutions, whatever team from our league and its fans come here will know the lay of the land.

I didn't pay too much attention to Auburn. It was always 'Roll Tide' at my house. Auburn was the only school in the state that didn't recruit me and they were the closest to my high school.