"Chris Hernandez" is an American former reporter for KSHB-TV in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.

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I've had that situation in high school a few times and I've been pretty successful.

I'm going to be a rock star.

He had the feeling. Just give him the ball when he's like that. And we kept feeding it to him.

This is a significant delivery at our new facility because it signals not only the beginning of UAV production, but it also underscores Northrop Grumman's commitment to the economy of the Gulf Coast region.

We've played better at home generally, but I don't think we've played this well consistently all season. Hopefully, it's just been our play and not just that we've been at home, and we can keep that type of intensity going on the road.

His man had come out on me and the defense was rotating the big man back on Lawrence. So I hit Lawrence and I came around him and my man was under him and he got the ball back to me and I had the shot.

I think we made some careless turnovers. We were getting good shots, but they were not going down.

The guy was way off me, when I get a look like that, I got to let it go.

Careless turnovers were a factor and the shots weren't falling as much.