That was the goal.

Whitney Ward is a fantastic player. She brings up the level of every player on their team.

We hit a lot of balls out of bounds today. That's not really like us. I hope we get settled down by the time the playoffs start.

We had no competition in pool play, and then we went up against a good team that was playing well. I hope we can take a lesson from it. If we stick to our game plan, we should be able to spin this into a positive heading into the playoffs.

It was easy to see it could be something great.

We knew it was their senior night. We knew they would be emotional and high and excited to play us and it sure showed in the first game; they played great.

Their region is very strong this year so we need to get fired up and hopefully their long drive to Hilton Head makes them pay.

One of the things that helped us in the second and third game is that we didn't miss as many serves.

I think our goal tonight was to hit them as hard as we could, as fast as we could, and get off the court.