Chris Gratton
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"Christopher A. Gratton" is a retired Canadian people/Canadian professional ice hockey player who last played with the Columbus Blue Jackets of the National Hockey League. He is the cousin of Josh Gratton, who had also briefly played in the NHL as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers and the Phoenix Coyotes.

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[Chris Gratton, a key player on the Panthers' power kill earlier in the year, returned to the lineup after missing the previous three games after injuring himself Oct. 13 against the Bruins.] I kind of strained a groin muscle, groin hamstring, ... The only thing you can do for those is just rest them.

Getting back to what made us successful early on.

We have been awful vocal against the referees this year and that might be coming back to bite us. I think we just have to shut our mouths and go out and play.

Yeah, but over the course of an 82-game schedule, it's going to begin to wear a team down. We can't ask Louie to make those saves every night. It's putting a lot of pressure on him.

Line chemistry is everything. With the league now, there are so many injuries and guys in and out of the lineup, it's hard to find a line you can get settled on for an extended period of time.

They'll provide leadership, and you already have a solid young core of up-and-coming players. And when you have a world-class goaltender like Roberto, it makes for a good mix.

I think they've brought in some quality veteran guys with Gary and Joe and Marty and Sean.

That's good, but over the course of an 82-game schedule it's going to wear a team down.

It can be extremely frustrating. It's tough to start out like that.