Chris Fleming
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"Christopher Fleming" is an American mediumship/medium, Paranormal#Paranormal research/paranormal researcher, television personality, and public speaker. He has written numerous articles and produced various print and online publications on the topics of paranormal activity and psychic phenomena.

Fleming has appeared on several paranormal-themed television programs and is best known as the IPA award-winning co-host of the popular series Dead Famous (TV series)/Dead Famous (2004–06) which is still in syndication internationally. Fleming was also the co-host and featured psychic on A&E's Psychic Kids/Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal TV show. Fleming frequently speaks at events, colleges and universities throughout the United States about paranormal topics.

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We're just being gracious and really enjoying it. We're not like the big schools. We've never had this before.

We need all five starters on the floor as much as possible.

It's unreal. It's really incredible. I came here as a freshman to make the NCAA Tournament. That's the main reason I came - I knew we had everyone coming back. I had a lot of other schools that I looked at, but this seemed the most obvious team that would win.

Yeah, we expected this. Honestly, we came in thinking, what do we have to lose? Everyone else thinks we're underdogs. We think we can beat this team.

It's big. I was shocked when I ran out there. It's kind of breathtaking, but it was a lot of fun.