"Chris Fisher" is an United States/American director, writer, and producer.

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A lot of people don?t realize that slow pitch softball has come a long ways. You?ve got to see the competitive levels to realize how far. You have to be on top of your game to compete.

We started setting aside two hours every Saturday last fall. A few adults come, but it?s mostly kids, some as young as six, but more around 12 to 13.

We need to look at whatever we can do collectively to improve traffic on the ship channel.

A lot of these teams pick up what we call ?the heroes?. My guys are just league players, but we love to play. And we hammer the ball.

They have had a franchise in the port for a number of years. We are very familiar with them.

We anticipate more residential business in the future, ... New homeowners will need paint, and builders can recommend our business. We're right down the road.

We're very proud to have achieved this milestone. Our military customers have had faith in the Port of Beaumont to handle its military equipment in an efficient manner to support our armed forces.

I find hope for the future because there are 100 of your fellow students 'dead' on the Rock today, in the rain, so that you will notice, so that you will listen, and so that you will care.

We put up 24 runs in three innings before rain ended it. It was 24-3, and they handed us the trophy. ?You earned it,? they said.