Chris Davies
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"Christopher Graham Davies" is a Liberal Democrats (UK)/Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom. He is a former Member of Parliament, and from 1999 until 2014 he was a Member of the European Parliament.

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What's the horrible American expression? He's a dead man walking. People are not going to vote for a party because they feel sorry for its leader.

If national members of parliament are to hold ministers to account they need to know what those ministers decide in Brussels in the name of their country.

The auditors have refused to specify what steps must be taken if the EU accounts are to be given a clean bill of health. It's like telling an athlete to run a race without announcing the distance.

So just when Europe needs to be doing more than ever to fight crime and terrorism in an unstable world, we would be proposing deep, deep cuts in the things that really matter.

Europe needs an umpire to ensure fair play between member states and to dismiss the cheats. The Commission is the only body that comes close to fitting that role.

People are alert. I hope the Polish president will not seek to challenge some of the basic principles and values of the EU.

We were happy we were able to negotiate it amicably.

Inclusion in the emissions-trading scheme is a necessary first step but it is no substitute for tough measures such as the introduction of a Europe-wide aviation tax and the requirement for airlines to pay duty on the fuel they use.