Paul Jewell has done a tremendous job and deserves to be manager of the season. They have been superb and Paul has got to take credit for that.

We were rubbish for 44 minutes. The best thing that could happen to us was that we were booed off. I hoped and prayed that we would be otherwise we would have been kidding ourselves.

We finished strong last season and can do the same again. We can finish 12th, I think.

He's one of the guys and he has fitted in well in the dressing-room. I don't know if I can get him but I would love to. But that decision will be made by Chelsea.

We all have busy lives, and our kids are in 14 sports and some people have two jobs, so it's just hard to engage people of any race in this kind of work. So you have to create processes that are meaningful and respectful of people's times and commitments.

We're looking to invest in the summer so that means we can't keep everybody and we want to add quality.

From the city level, the district councils (became) viewed ? I think unfairly ? as a hindrance, and there were (efforts) to minimize their role. But despite those efforts, they continued to play a significant role and still do. You have people on the ground who have a real sense of what a neighborhood needs, and that knowledge is power.

We were rightly booed off at halftime. But we did the same at their place as they did to us tonight, and we lost 1-0. It's funny how football works.

We can't feel safe because we are not safe.