"Chris Byrne" is an American Celtic music/Celtic hip hop musician from New York City of Irish descent. He co-founded the band Black 47 with Larry Kirwan in 1989. Before and for some years after forming the band, Byrne was a New York City police officer. While still with the band, he created a side project - the Celtic hip hop band "Seanchai & the Unity Squad". "Seanchai" is Byrne's hip-hop stage name, loosely translated from Irish as 'storyteller'. He left Black 47 in 2000, reportedly to focus on his "new" group. Current members of Seanchai and the Unity Squad are Rachel Fitzgerald on vocals, Andrew Harkin on bass, Terry Wetmore on drums and Jason Goodrow on guitar.

In 1996, Byrne purchased Rocky Sullivan's, a classic-style pub, in New York City.

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Parents are looking for products, and increasingly they are agnostic about where they get those products. And with gas prices the way they are they want to go where it's easiest.

It's definitely a way to reclaim some market share, but how do you get a kid to want it? Kids are more proficient with technology than Mom and Dad. The traditional barrier to what made something a toy has really dissolved... why shouldn't they have the real thing?

I think Barbie is in another transitional period.

He's a guy who really fosters creativity and creative product development, which is exactly what is needed right now, ... By streamlining they'll be able to respond to the marketplace as it evolves.

If you look at the business historically, it's been really cyclical. There have been these major events in her life when she's been redefined -- the early 70s, the early 80s and the late 90s. The struggle is to keep Barbie relevant to today's girls. I think they are working on that but I think its going to be a while before it pays off.

We are living in a gadget-driven world, and kids want their own gadgets. It makes them feel like they're part of the whole culture.

When I first started, my shots kept going right and I thought, well, this isn't that fun. But the more you practice, the better your accuracy and the farther you can throw. Then you start to get a good feeling, the more good shots you can make, and then it's got a hold of you.

There are a lot of obstacles and you really have to think and make the best decisions possible. You look at the decisions you make, and that's really what makes up your score.

KB hasn't articulated a strategy about what they're doing yet, but need to stock a lot of the hot toys. It isn't really a destination store but the fact that they're mall-based helps because parents are in the mall anyway.