"Chris Booker" is an United States/American Radio programming/radio and Television/TV personality.

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I don't want to land the wrong way and tear something.

We expected this; we all expected to be 3-0, every one of us.

It was really good to finally get this one. We've had a lot of frustrating games against them in past.

I wanted to throw more, but they told me that was enough. I wanted at least 40 [pitches].

If I was like this in high school, I would have kept playing football.

It's been disappointing and upsetting to me because of the success I was having. Then I get out here and it looks like I've never played baseball before.

I did everything. I gave up two singles, a double, hit a guy, walked a guy and struck out a guy. The only thing I didn't do was give up a home run.