He told me and the refs that my players were playing dirty. But I learned that afterwards he was just trying to get into our heads.

We stayed with them for 30 minutes even though we had only 10 players on the field. But in overtime it may have caught up with us.

It's not gonna be easy. We're going to have our hands full.

We should be alright for this game. We are still moving players into different positions because of injuries, but I think we will be ready.

The game was pretty even. We played hard and had some chances to score.

Our players play a physical type of game. Some teams aren't used to that and don't like it, and feel we are playing dirty. But they were pushing our players from behind and knocked down a few.

I was impressed that he scored the goal. I didn't want to go to overtime.

A win's a win. Sometimes you don't step up until a team makes you step up. But we need to put teams away.

We had our chances to win in the second half. We had more speed than they did but today it seemed they got the bounces.