Charlie Young
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"Charles "Charlie" Young" is a fictional character played by Dulé Hill on the television serial drama The West Wing (television)/The West Wing. For the majority of the series, he is the body man/Personal Aide to President Josiah Bartlet.

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It's hard to fathom how many lives he touched.

Children intrinsically understand that a home is not just the bricks and mortar that physically safeguard them, but the love, encouragement and togetherness they experience with their families within the walls of their homes.

It was Sunday afternoon, we didn't know anything at that point until we saw it in the paper yesterday.

Once we reopen in July, folks who weren't able to get it after April will still be able to get inside that six-month window. It might take them a little longer to get the money ... but we will be able to accommodate them.

The next morning, a Christian radio station offered to buy it.

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