This is the most parity we have had at the parish tournament in several years.

It was a well-played game between two very good teams. Both pitchers dominated, which is to be expected. They managed to get a walk and a runner in scoring position, then a passed ball to win the game.

The season has been going really well for us. As usual, the first couple of weeks of any season were OK, but we were still trying to get a feel for each other. We were trying to find out who was going to play where, but since we have figured it all out we have been playing really well. We have been hitting the ball pretty consistently.

They are doing a real good job of that right now. I expect it to be a tough final.

She is a true pleasure to coach. She doesn't use many excuses. It's yes-sir, no-sir. Always at practice, a good team leader...

Alicia is just like Elizabeth in that she has great command of her pitches. She works the corners really well and she throws a good rise ball.

We knew they have a quality pitcher. I knew they had the potential to be a good team as they played Sacred Heart tough before falling 4-1.

Our girls take a lot of pride in playing in the parish tournament. We have have been fortunate to be very successful in the last few years. It is great to play teams in your own local community.

She's tough. She has improved so much behind the plate. At the beginning of the season she was at shortstop, and we made a few changes defensively and one of them was putting her behind the plate.