"Charles Glass" is an United States/American-United Kingdom/British author, journalist, and broadcaster specializing in the Middle East. He writes regularly for The Spectator, was ABC News chief Middle East correspondent from 1983–93, and has worked as a correspondent for Newsweek and The Observer. His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, and on television networks, all over the world.

Glass is the author of Tribes With Flags: A Dangerous Passage Through the Chaos of the Middle East (1991) and a collection of essays, Money for Old Rope: Disorderly Compositions (1992). A sequel to Tribes with Flags, called The Tribes Triumphant, was published by Harper Collins in June 2006. His book on the beginning of the American war in Iraq, The Northern Front, was published in October 2006 by Saqi Books/Saqi. His most recent book, Americans in Paris (Harper Collins), tells the story of the American citizens who chose to remain in Paris Military Administration in France (Nazi Germany)/when the Germans occupied the city in 1940. He has received awards from the Overseas Press Club and the Commonwealth and George Foster Peabody Awards.

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Why was a member or leader of the kidnap group actually arrested by the Pakistanis, and why wasn't he able to provide better information on the exact location of Pearl? ... All these things are going to have to be looked into, because I have a terrible feeling this won't be the last kidnapping of an American abroad by Muslim groups who are disenchanted with American foreign policy.

I don't know what Peter's epitaph would be, I never asked him what he would like it to be. But certainly, I would say he lived for excellence, as a friend, as a father, as a journalist, as a man.

He couldn't let go of their anguish.