That's when the harshness of the business in this sport comes into play.

I think we had some banged-up DBs here last year. I wasn't here, but we managed to survive.

This is an unbelievable turf, probably the best in the league. I love it. I'm not as physically exhausted and sore like you would be from a typical game on other hard surfaces.

It's way too early in the season to say the sky is falling, ... no one likes to try to tackle somebody and come up with nothing. That's a personal embarrassment.

When there is time left on the clock, Tom is going to move the ball, and Adam is going to make the kick, ... There's a peace on the sideline.

Monty and I have both put pressure on ourselves to be the best we can be. But those guys are legends around here for a reason--they've made legendary plays, ... You have two different guys trying to play those roles on the team, but we can't pretend to be those guys. We have to be Monty and Chad.

I had an opportunity to play other places, but this one was probably the most challenging.

His instincts are still there and that's what separates him from other linebackers.

I don't think this team gets frustrated. Not that I've noticed.