I just wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for this market.

They don't have to worry about those three things when they cross state lines to help.

Where else can kids sell their bracelets and stuff? We just wanted to give them an opportunity to do that in a setting where they're not competing against adults.

Creative kids get left out a lot of the time because there's such a focus on sports all the time.

We've really seen some degradation of capabilities in this country.

It will give (participants) a sense of how to really operate. They'll learn about pricing and how to market what they want to sell.

There are a lot of kids out there that have great talent and we want to help spark their imagination through this.

We really expect there to be a wide range of applications that developers start creating with this.

I'm so excited Mrs. Smith is back in a school.

[Along with her sitcom,] With Friends Like These, ... Radiant Girls.

FEMA requires strong leadership and experience because state and local governments rely on them, ... When you don't have trained, qualified people in those positions, the program suffers as a whole.

Part of the reason some of those records fell off is after a while that hype rubs off, ... Then you're just another person in jail. The label doesn't care about you anymore because you can't market and promote your record.